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In the core of any business there lies a revenue generation model. And all the strategies are build to support this model either directly or indirectly. At the core of offline marketing channel there are numerous calculation to identify the model which worked and the ROI from each model. But making these metrics available on the web via the internet technology is bit tedious and requires expertise in tracking module, usability science and parameters identification.

Curiosity leads to analytics, and analytics leads in setting up the foundation for any  business. Kids always keep asking how and why? Dad, why do I have to do to go to school every morning?

Sportsperson, why should I dedicated this much of time, anyway? Asking every-time why leads to re-acknowledge yourself about what matters and what are the core areas which needs special attention. Similarly analytics drives all the businesses  and helps to optimize the Return on investments. Analytics helps to-

why cusrious for analytics

1. Calculate & track your business outcome and performance over period of time

2. To understand your customers, demographics, behavior, leads, bounce rates, sales and prospect

3. Recency & frequency of your customers to deliver personalized and dedicated inputs

For businesses which have customer base on internet and those who are seeking for the base, both have to dig dive into the analytics to find the more targeted audiences and potential customers.

Which Web Analytics Tool to use?

There are hundreds of free & paid analytics tool on inernet & they work on different metrices of log & session analysis; I’ll here help you to narrow your research & to choose among 3 of the best analytics tools on web.

1. Yahoo Web Analytics
2. Google Analytics
3. Piwiki

best web analytics tools

Reasons behind the popularity of these tools are it’s awesome reporting format & it’s availability for free. Custom reports & advance segmentation makes this tool pretty more awesome.

Along-with this these tools are amazingly good for rich media analysis & measurement, automatic ppc & paid media tracking, high level mathematical intelligences, API accessibility & awesome data visualizations


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