Meta Refresh Redirect

What is Meta Refresh Redirect

The Meta Refresh redirect is another kind of redirect which is done at the browser level rather than the server level. This can
be easily experienced at the place where payment transactions are made and pages redirect automatically.
Meta-refresh are sometime used to solve certain technical challenges and un-availability of web-pages at some instances and this leads to the redirection of one non-existing page to another existing page.

Meta Refresh Redirect  Flow

Meta Refresh Redirect SEO Impact

How To Use Meta Refresh Redirect

MR redirect can be done by placing below mentioned code just above the TITLE tag of your website. The code must be examined very carefully as quote “” marks are just around the entire content not around the numerical value. (Numerical value is the time after which a page will start redirecting)
<meta http-equiv=”refresh” content=”3;url=” />

Meta Refresh Redirect Code Format

<meta http-equiv=”refresh”
content=”2;url=” />
<title>Page has moved</title>
This page has moved. If your browser does not automatically
redirect you in a few seconds, click <a
href=””>here</a> to go to the
new page.

Meta refresh redirect can be used when the website is temporarily unavailable and had 404 errors, just for the sake to minimize SEO losses.

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