301 Redirection

301 Redirection: redirecting the visitors from one page to another page is termed as redirection. It can be done by numerous of ways but to manage the value of old URL and to manage the loss of values (in terms of page rank and to avoid duplicates in the content) from old to the new URL is done and mainained by 301 redirection technique.


How to Use 301 Redirection

When to Use 301 Redirection

Need for 301 Redirection

Redirection is generally done to maintain the rankings and Page Ranks. Search Engine identifies a page by it’s URL and the value of content and back-links are accumulated into the URL and simple redirection or just the change of content leads to the creation of duplicate content and this may lead to penalty.
301 redirection is generally done-
1. To maintain the creation of duplicate URLs like http:// or http://www.
2. To maintain the ranking when changing the domain, say from http://www.ramkrshukla.com to http://www.internetmarketingconsultant.com


Redirection Type & Google Impact

Redirection Impact on Google Page Rank


How to Check 301 Redirection

If you are webmaster and trying to check the type of redirection
your website is having you can run the Webconfs tool to check
your URL’s status. This awesome SEO tool can provide the exact
Status code of your URL, like-
1. Direct Link
2. Redirection with 301
3. Redirection with 302

Note- Chain of more than 2 301 redirection of the same URL is a symbol of something going wrong and treated as SPAM activity, so try to avoid redirection chains.

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