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Why you need SEO & Why Website Optimization is important?

Even the best website on the Internet is void if it is not recognized by anyone, especially when your revenue is influenced by online consumers. Researches have shown that approx 92% of websites on the Internet are find by Search Engine and Google alone occupies the roughly 70% of that share.

“It doesn’t happen often, but when it does, don’t waste it” ~Seth Godin

SEO need & website optimization importance

Why SEO is Important

You Can generate the Traffic for your Website via numerous of channels but broadly this can be classified into-

1.) Organic or Free Traffic- This is an ultimate investment that accrues for longer period and yields universal traffic

2.) Paid Traffic- This directly involves money and accrues benefit as long as you are willing to spend and pay.

SEO approach is the best choice when you are trying to sustain and stand for a longer period of time.

SEO is the process to make a website compatible with Search Engine ranking Algorithm components and logics. Search evangelists have discovered more than 200 ranking factors and most of these ranking factors are changed and modified on daily basis and at the time of SEO implementation it becomes mandatory to spend sufficient dedicated experienced resources and researches to come up with a targeted Search Engine Optimization plan.
And this search engine optimization plans are designed on the basis of business theme, and on the basis of website needs and sometime these are altered and rectified by hit and trial methods.Frequent changes in the Search Engine Algorithm have made the SEO industry most uncertain and unpredictable. No one can guarantee top ranking plans.
But still there are certain high end quality and optimization factors which Google and other search engine suggests, and some of the most important guidelines can be checked at Google Webmaster Tools.

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Instead of just radical theoretical approach you can judge and process the optimization of your website by following these steps.

1. Domain Selection

Choosing the right domain is not easy and some time it takes lots of brainstorming. Not only you have to choose the memorable domain but also you have to check for the proper keywords in your domain. Note than keyword stuffing in the domain no longer works in ranking so you must look for the feature in domain which should supports branding. If you have budget you may look for the brands which are already at the marketplace for sale. is one of such biggest marketplace. Below are some tips which you may consider before domain name selection-

  • Brand association with the domain- As explained above choose the domain which suits your brand
  • Memorable- Choose domain which are very easily memorable. Don’t expect smartness from your customers and focus on something which have some tricks and easier for your customer to remember.

2. Dedicated Vs Shared Hosting & IP for SEO

Double check your Hosting if you are deprived of ranking and traffic, and make sure that your website is not hold with any algorithmic or manually penalty . Website hosted at shared hosting can sometime leads to unwanted drops in website overall performance. Dedicated hosting is recommended when you have very large website and you are in suspicion that some of the websites on your shared server is engaged in some type of spam activity, you can check the website sharing your server by Reverse Ip Checker tools and manually visit and cross check all the websites returned by RIC tool and  change your server for any doubt of spam.

3. Keyword Research

Keywords on your content determines the theme of your webpages and your websites. Keyword Research plays an very important role and this is the pillar on which any website stands and success of your online marketing plan relies on identification of right keywords. Keyword research involves identification of keywords which are relevant to your business and helps in structuring your navigation, content matrix plans, folders or sub-directories and lays down the foundation for off-page activities. Competition analysis of the keywords and their search counts are major considerable areas to be worked on.

4. Navigation & UX Structuring

Navigation or flow of the link along with and in-between the content of any webpages are directly related to the theme of your online business and helps in facing the competition of your keywords. Unwanted keyword rich anchor texts everywhere on the page may hamper the overall ranking and performance of the website. Remember that all the follow links have the tendency to withdraw the Page Rank and transfers some fractions of Page Rank values to the linked pages; more link..more PR flow and lesser the Page Rank of the page from where these links are navigating.

5. On-Page Optimizations

Content, Title, Image and link optimizations are some of the major on-page factors which can neither be ignored nor be over-worked. You may refer to the SEO optimization section of the blog for more details. And visit here for advance search engine robot  mechanism.

6. SEO Technical Implementations

User & Search Engine Sitemaps, Redirection, Mod-rewrite, Dynamic URL and Dynamic parameters are some of the technical areas on which you need to lay-down your focus. These are the higher level of SEO optimization practices and all that are covered in other sections of this blog. There are many SEO tools that generates report and helps to resolve these problems but you must be enough technically sound to tackle the consequences.

7. Link Generation

The qualified and relevant links pointing to your website helps Search Engines to judge your theme and they enhance the website Page Ranks and Website rankings. The moment you say link it must comply all the major link building guidelines. Non-relevant poor quality links can lead to serious penalty and huge loss of keyword rankings, so manage and build only quality link networks.

Stay connected with the Google Webmaster Tools as it has lots of link analysis features.

8. Social Media Optimization

Online branding of the company and the products are also mandatory for higher level of quality conversions. Your global presence and your positive feedback are absolutely mandatory.  Customer satisfaction along with the positive feedback  is the key of any online successful product. However it comes in social media optimization methodologies but still a important part of your SEO campaign.

9. Link & Website Evaluations

There are various free and paid tools available on the Internet which generates complete link reports for any website. The moment you have the reports of your links you can evaluate the quality of those links and same strategy can be used to explore the links of your competitors website and you can match and explore your website with respect to your competition. But don’t copy your competition as they cannot be right all the time, you have to generate and analyze your links according to your niche and above all the relevancy is the key for success. This is the major step in Search Engine optimization processes and a wrong step of SEO optimization technique can dissolve your niche and theme, so you must be very careful before choosing your links. Post Penguin update the link discovering strategies have changed and you must research the trend of ranking website before creating or applying for any link. Find Post penguin link building strategies here.

10. Website Performance Tracking & Measurement of ROI

This is the most important and critical part of SEO engineering and this adds experience in the career of Search Marketing professional. In order to analyze the impact of your SEO changes you must have the support of your regular reports. You may use tools like Moz Explorer to have complete set of your report archives or you may create the performance report in Microsoft excel. The Google Tool which can be overlooked for SEO reports are- Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools. From these Google Tools you can not only analyze your Website traffic performance but you can also judge the average rankingsof you website from different Search Queries.

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