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About Ram Krishna Shukla

What is this website about? Let me provide you with the brief information about myself, my personal blog and my experience gained so far digital marketing consultant.

I have been working in the Internet Industry for more than 8 years creating the ways for most of the business owners from US, UK, Australia & India to give them access to what they actually needed or deserved and that is the goal of getting real online business, sales, revenue and most importantly a SEO friendly usability.

During my journey to what I am today, I also got certified by Google as Analytics and Adwords Individual and served Microsoft Paid Advertising and got awarded by the Microsoft AdExcellence Accreditation as well.

Apart from this I am also an active publisher and consultant at Idigihub SEO Consulting.

Digital marketing is changing with great pace and one you get skilled today may not be even considered the other day and that is why this website has considerably been based and pointed on the changing online strategies related to this industry so that the newbies could shape the career in the similar field and be the man of letters with the online strategies.

My experience so far compels me to believe on the fact, despite having an internet crowned world, many of the developed countries are not aware of the significance of the search engines and the online business strategies. At times, it really makes me feel ridiculous and the very other day I come to realize the reason and that is the unconsciousness and the insensitivity towards the Internet. In this website, I have tried my best to let them know the facts and the importance of the same industry to get them benefited.

Various of my posts in this Internet Marketing SEO blog here are well defined with the answers to the queries I have been getting from my website visitors and I have always done justice to solve the complications addressed to me via this website/mails/calls from my valuable readers and this has always been a reason for them to show a great increase in ROI (Return On Investment). The best thing I can get from you, is your feedback on this so that the same could be more effective and informative in terms of the goal I have started with.

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