6 Content Marketing Tips to sustain & rule-out the niche

Effective content marketing is not merely a theory. The more you dig, the more you explore, the more you test- the more you have the possibility to rule out your niche. Content marketing is something which can never be perfect and requires constant workout and changes.

​​Content Marketing Benefits

Content Marketing is not just a medium to spread the information but when used effectively it brings to- 1. Populate and close the deals. 2. Helps in diversifying communication for brand promotion and recognition and structuring brand at the top of customers mind. 3. Generate traffic with maximum page views and time of web-pages, reason being they are tailored as per customer needs and interest. 4. Higher level of Engagements via comments and social media sharings and eventually leads to ranking. 5. Citation and user oriented content and eventually leads in Search engine promotions 6. Lower down the cost of marketing & communication channels and aids branding benefit at easily affordable cost 7. Aid values in loyalty and recency metrics

Research Prior to Content Marketing Strategy

Before initiating Content Marketing Plan you need to research for- – the identification of your customers – areas of Interest for your customers – customers platform for mutual engagements – Steps to deliver number of information pitches content marketing life cycle The points mentioned above can be regulated when you have a platform ready for your product offerings, awareness, branding and engagements. The platform can be your website, your blog or forum.  And to convert these customers into leads, and leads into customers there are some strategies and plans. Below I have summarized some of the must have plugins and features that every website & blog must have to create most appealing marketing channel.

1. Dedicated Blog:

Blogs are very common entity and recognized widely in B2C business types (shares on B2B are now also in boom). Blogging involves minimum cost and yields higher engagements and audiences, and planned approach converts visitors into customers. Sustaining regular blogging is not very easy and involves lots of motivation and time, and non-optimal returns in strict time line becomes the element of depression. There are lots of articles, resources and tools on the internet which claims for results in 30 days but for this you must be having some brand reputation and networking already in place. Practical results from blogging activities can only be ex-peculated and analyzed after 3 month of regular activity. Even if you have awesome content initially you need to adopt 360 degree of promotional approach and constant engagement with leaders.rocketing your blogginf success

2. Subscribe Widget

Blogs are not just for spreading information but it’s major role comes into play when you have to create engagement and work on the module of conversions. Subscribe options or RSS are something which helps in managing  and returning the visitors on longer run. The proper utilization of this subscribe widget RSS was done by John Chow and I am sure you will love to go through his experience, to know more click here. traffic snapshow john chow

3. Newsletters & Personalized Communications

If you have not started to build your Email database then do this today, better late than never. As I have mentioned above the successful implementation of this technique was done by John Chow, where he has managed to generate huge number of traffic just trough his Email Subscribers database. Even if you don’t have sufficient traffic today you must install the subscribe plugins or forms from Aweber.com , and gradually you will be able to create a good database of your own. Alignment and proper positioning of forms are important and you must hit and try the alignments and UI to identify the best positions for your plugins and also there are various creative systems inbuilt which can be customized for further appealing UI.

4. Premium Images, Graphics & Inforgraphics

Do you know that articles with images get more than 90% of page-views and more than 60% of consumers consider to contact a business when an image shows up in local search results? If NO then start creating your own images for your content, you may purchase the images from Fotolia and later you can customize those images according to your need. Remember that you must not copy the images as Google considers the content as thick if the images are copied or modified from it’s actual sources. You might love to check out the video of  Michael Cottam at White board friday where he has explained the tips to overcome the thick contents.

premium images

5. Ask for Links

Links not only helps in ranking of your blog posts but they are the real sources for traffic generation. Don’t just ask for the link all the time but search for the pages which have the avg view time of more than 3 minutes and ask people to comment and link for the sources (must not encourage for the rich anchor text links). This works especially when you have some sort of good infographics about your subject. The results are surprising when you have good networks of bloggers and supporters, so this is always important that you must spend at-least 30% of your time in networking rather than just writing awesome contents.

6. Social Media Sharing options

Whether sharing adds values in ranking or not is still a debatable topic. Even though this is a ultimate medium of traffic generation but for this you must need to hit and check for what works for your business. Don’t just add plugins which chases user with all the social media icons but rather identify the niche for the activeness of your audiences.

social media sharing scope

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