How to Create Successful Digital Marketing Strategy for Real Estate

I have met and worked with some of the renowned Real Estate developers and Property Dealing consultants and here I am trying to share my observations. The sectors of real estate development are very competitive and it’s very hard to survive and move along with the frequent property launches.

Even if your budgets are huge for new launches it’s bit tough to develop Digital Marketing Strategies for  acquiring new customers and leads ; this is complicated not because of the properties and time frames but because of the huge competition between dealers where everyone tries to accomplish maximum sales.

Creating Micro-sites are not viable and neither recommended for every new property launch as it involves cost and effort, and new website always takes time to stand against the competitions. You may spend on paid programs to remain at top on all the listings but the rapid growth in CPCs and CPLs in the real estate sector have made  this program very very expensive and a wrong bid and strategy can ruin your budget.

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Basic Digital Marketing Challenges in Real Estate Segments

1. Content Marketing– In the property classifications you cannot write unique content all the time and it’s well known that duplicate contents have lots of complications and the results get filtered automatically whenever search engines find duplicate work.

2. Link Generations– It is not practical to engage in link building strategies whenever you have new launches, as every-time you work for link creation the root domain get compromised and at certain stage due to excessive links you may get manual or search engine algo’s penalty. So this needs to be handled very carefully.

3. Paid Marketing– Google, Yahoo or Bing advertisements are now very expensive because of the huge competition and numerous players in the market. And you cannot re-market all your customers until and unless you have expertise in the field.

4. Online Branding & Media Buying– Spend on these channels can yield good results but again this is too expensive when you have frequent launches.

5. Traffic from Long tail Keywords– For any digital marketing campaign long tail keywords always play an important role as they are the sources which are least identified and yields maximum benefit and ROI but they are hard to achieve until and unless you have dedicated SEO activity for at-least 6-8 months.

Digital Marketing Solution For Real Estate Segments

The success of any Digital Marketing campaign lies behind the strategy that makes customer satisfied not only in terms of usability but also in the case of overall customer satisfaction. More the brand makes customer satisfied more they create natural buzz for there product and services.

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Excellent Content Matrix– Simplify the website and project launch, keep the project description clear and create a buzz for accurate and verified property. Identify the terms which are searched by user and this can be done free of cost by Google Adwords Tool, keyword Discovery is the other option but it’s paid and after all this research provide your customers the valuable insight and realistic figures. Try to create content which are sensible and provide valuable information. For example, at any new project provide the clear description of the cost involved, breakup of the payments, 3d representation of locality and plans which are going to be proposed.

All these tips are very generic but the presentation of these matrix are not very common and making brand on which people can trust is not easily achievable and it takes years to build a reputation and by these matrix you can establish a everlasting brand. So let me explain the presentation of these matrix-


  •  PDFs Vs HTMLpages– For project description and costings real estate consultants and brokers add PDFs more prominently , these PDFs can only be used as supporting elements for major pages but should not be majorly populated. And all these documents must have your brand image and logo; and contents should have social media plugins inbuilt so that it should be easily sharable. Engage the customers for your launches at FaceBook and at real estate consulting forums and dedicate someone to respond promptly to the customer queries.
  •  Mobile Responsive Website-Mobile searches are changing the market drastically so to cover that segment of customers your website content and navigation should be responsive, especially when you are engaged in paid activities and you have lead forms at your website.
  • Unique Content & Meta-tags– As I mentioned above that handling duplication issues with each new launches are not very easy, you just have not only to create unique contents but you also have to handle the repetitive pages with canonical tags so that you should be able to sustain against the Google updates with the passage of time.
  •  Folder Vs Sub-directories- The days are gone when all the new themes and product types were launched with the newer sub-domains. Each new sub-domains are considered as separate independent website and Page Rank transfer becomes nominal & impossible; and it becomes more sensible to arrange content into sub-directories and this also makes navigation easier  for users. This adaption makes it easier to maintain a user friendly logical structure, while providing a more authoritative and structured link-structure website to the search engines.

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