Breaking SEO rules and Ruling without content

Content is the king and you cannot afford to ignore it’s importance. Targeted and planned content marketing not only generates the traffic but also builds a long-lasting branding but I know that all the business cannot afford to focus or spend time building content network; but other than content there are still more than 200 ranking factors which cannot be over-looked and you can lay-down your strategies around those most unpredicted but most influencing variables. First go for basic on-page optimization process and follow with the steps listed below to skyrocket your ranking.

breaking seo rules

Tips #1: Links from most effective & ranking websites (Cannot ignored even post Google updates)

If you want to rank higher from a keyword; say: “Cheap Cabs in Delhi”, just Google this phrase and you will get the details of link networks for your website.

cabs in delhi snapshot search resultsThe websites which are already ranking with a keyword and if you happen to get 100 links from such websites you will skyrocket your ranking and traffic. Don’t just assume that these are competitors and they will not link-back rather just go beyond the 4th page of Google and you will find enough resources who can link back to your website. Just don’t stuck yourself with one keyword but search for the variations like Cheap taxi fares, cheap cabs in Delhi, Affordable best cabs etc. Reach those ranking websites with right approach. Brainstorm for right approaches as right approaches are not so easy and right.

Tips #2: Search Snippets that drives CTR

To make your website ranking and to fight the competition make sure that your search snippets are enough appealing which can generate clicks and you meet the intent of those clicks by providing rich information on the landing pages. Pogo-sticking can decay your ranking as people coming and jumping the pages immediately reflects the misguiding intent of the search snippets. Some of the technical tips are mentioned below but eye catchy and creative snippets may vary according to business and products.

search snippet tips

Tips #3: Content Matrix plan after competition analysis

I have already assumed that you have added basic pages on your website but the content of those basic pages must be written after proper keyword research of the “competition content keyword density matrix”. What that does mean?

Each keyword has it’s own strategy and you cannot write in silos for all the targeted keyword and pages. Analyze the keyword density of your top 20 competitions and plan your content accordingly. Note that for this you don’t have to work differently rather you just have to follow the proven pattern of competitors success.(in-short: analyze proven keyword density per page required in order to rank) , as if they are ranking with a patterns you also have the chance and potential to rank.

Tips #4: Leverage Google  QDF- Google “Query Deserve Freshness”

Google have certain different criteria to rank the queries which acts completely different from it’s normal search trend. For example hurricane or petrol rate hike. QDF picks the latest stories from different sources on the basis of freshness and uniqueness of content and you just have to find where your products and brand fits in-between. For example if you have a website which deals in “stock exchange trading” then release news about the Sensex and you will find tremendous burst at your traffic.

query deserve freshness update

Tips #5: Remove or optimize identical pages

You cannot stabilize your ranking and performance just by adding numerous number of pages; this is a proven SEO myth, so don’t create your strategies around quantity of pages. After humming bird update Google has improved it’s logic to understand the intent of pages, so adding content just for the sake of ranking is discourages and pages are automatically filtered if the intent of the pages are same. Consequence of this Ebay has lost 80% of it’s organic ranking.
Check your website pages thoroughly, and remove or optimize pages which have-

  1. Identical content
  2. Identical Navigation without content
  3. Identical navigation with difference in images
  4. Copied from external sources
  5. Orphan pages

It’s painful to see if scrapper content is outranking your original piece of content, this is something which is out of your control, you cannot do anything except logging a complain against the scrapper website at Google Scraper report tool. However this tool is not a perfect solution but this alerts the Web spam team for consideration of this activity as a web-spam.

Tips #6: Organize social media face your business

It’s your biggest mistake if you are not leveraging the social media platform. Matt Cutts has clearly mentioned that you must make content which have great value to the users and this clearly means that your content should be discussed and loved and this becomes more effective when you share and discuss on social media networks. Social signals are one of the metrics which Google uses to rank websites; this will become more digestible if you will go through this Gifographic created by Quicksprout.

Some of the best Social media platforms which can be leveraged are-
1. Twitter (Best practices on Twitter can be seen here)
2. Instagram
3. FaceBook
4. Google Plus
5. Youtube
6. Pinterest
7. Foursquare

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