Google Hummingbird Update-Feature in data retrieving Intelligence

Senior Google VP Amit Singhal introduced ‘Google Hummingbird update’. Rather than Algorithmic update, Hummingbird is more of data refreshing update which claimed to return more better results for “Search Queries”. However, the fact remains that few hold the idea as to what the same is actually or how the same can hold an effect on the ranking of all websites. The purpose behind developing such an algorithm was to find an answer to all those who prefer writing for blog posts/web pages for the purpose of keeping the search engines contented. Least focus is given to answer the requirement of online readers.

Google Hummingbird Algorithm For People

It needs to be understood that Google Hummingbird algorithm hardly makes a significant impact as far as web pages written for readers remain in question. The pertinent change that the same has brought about is that it can easily calculate the true meaning of a search term. Hummingbird is emphasizing to a great extent on the true concept of search. It no longer seeks keywords in its search term. Google has made it clear that Humming bird comes as a significant algorithm change rather than an update as was previously along with Penguins and Pandas.

google hummingbird

Engine As An Engine

The hummingbird algorithm has focused on the aspect of treating Google Search Engine as an Engine; rather than an update. It needs to be understood that updates similar to Panda, Penguin, PageRank and LSI are simply additions to the overall search algorithm governing Google. However, Hummingbird is not an addition rather than an entirely new engine. It certainly can be considered as one of the major search engine changes that have arrived since many years. The same can be considered to be a combination of a number of algorithms. The algorithms are primarily designed so as to determine the ranking of a website based on more than two hundred different factors. In this respect, it needs to be understood that every single factor is determined with the help of a different algorithm. The different algorithms that are taken help of, in this respect are as highlighted below:

  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • PageRank
  • LSI

Natural Writing Rewarded

Hummingbird algorithm has taken an active step forward so as to reward natural writing flow. Artificial language, written specifically for the purpose of targeting a certain set of keywords is hardly given any credit. The same can be considered to be a commitment provided to all concerned readers rather than writers. The reason behind bringing about such a change in its algorithm is to help users to enjoy a good search experience. The results that are supposed to appear in the SERP pages must hold the desired degree of relevance along with the topic that you are necessarily searching. Thus, with the introduction of this new algorithm, every single term in the search phrase will assume equal importance rather than specific keywords. Hence, now with the introduction of this algorithm, both website designers and website content writers must bear in mind that the intended tasks must be performed keeping in mind the requirement of people rather than search engines.

Google Reality

 The fact that Google Hummingbird algorithm has gone live almost a few months ago there remains least possibility that you will experience any sort of difference in the listing of your websites. However, if you have experience a drastic fall in the ranking, the same can be due to the excess keyword stuffing. In order to ensure that you can benefit from the desired degree of visibility, it is always a good approach to use the keyword once in the title and description. Also, it is possible to benefit in the ultimate manner by maintaining a keyword density of no more than one percent.

Effect on Link Graph

link networks

 Are you in a fix and finding it difficult to realize as to whether the introduction of Humming Bird algorithm has meant the potential end of the link graph? Well! The answer remains ‘No’. You need to understand that all link-related elements pertaining to the algorithm are still functioning in the desired manner. In this respect, it will not be a wrong claim to make that links assume further in the current scenario. You need to understand that in the absence of a good link profile grants to a website it will truly be a lot difficult to enjoy the desired ranking.

A majority of all persons wonder at the thought as to what are the points that need to be emphasized upon, in order, to be Hummingbird friendly. In fact, there are more than a few points that will help you in making the same friendly as per the new search engine.

If you are contemplating the option of perform on page optimization related tasks, there are a few important factors that must be stressed upon.

  • Avoid Canonicalization Issues
  • Refrain from Thin-Content Issues
  • Consider the option of implementing semantic mark-ups, Open Graph and
  • You are also expected to focus on the aspect of being able to create a semantic content model
  • Do not consider using a complex information architecture
  • In order to ensure the desired degree of visibility, consider the viable option of generating content in different formats, as well.

If, in case you are associated with link building strategies, there are a number of points that must be taken into account.

  1. Enhanced Brand Visibility
  2. Driving Referral Traffic
  3. Improving leadership Thought

As a Search Engine Optimizer, you also must bear in thought as to whether; social media is offering you with, a number of advantages. The different points that need to be emphasized upon, in order, to make your search engine optimization strategy as per the Hummingbird algorithm requirement needs include; social echo, enhanced brand visibility, organic traffic and increasing the number of links in different forms. The links must be increased in the form of co-occurrences, derivatives and co-citation, as well. There can be least denying the fact that if you are able to address all the above-mentioned issues in the right manner there is no reason as to why; you cannot be successful.

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