Twitter Do’s & Don’ts for Social Brand Marketing

There is no specific of thumb of rules for effective social media strategies. Social Media Marketing is a small part of Internet Marketing and relies on very simple rule- “The reputation build is directly proportional to the way you act” Brand/Non brand & small/big all the firms are utilizing the Internet reach and art of social media marketing. When brands comes on Twitter they have to maintain the basic etiquette towards the customers who are also on the same platform @Twitter.

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Below are the list of activities that you must not do as a social media representative-

Twitter Don'ts

1.Incomplete Profile– Don’t keep your profile incomplete; no one likes to follow the business or person who have misleading and incomplete information. Along with this always try to add your real pictures and real logo of your business and organization.

2. Don’t focus on quantity of followers but on quality- The objective of twitter profile should not be to increase the number of followers but to engage with the people who are relevant to your business, nature and profile. 500 relevant followers are much better than 10,000 followers who don’t react with your tweets.

3. Multiple Promotion– Don’t allow many people in your organization to promote the brand from their personal accounts. Allow for interactions not for promotions.

4. Tools to automate hike in the follower lists– Don’t use tools that offers the techniques and facilities to enhance the follower lists.

5. Frequent change in the UX– Don’t change the logo or look of your Twitter page very often. It takes time for a brand to establish social interaction at social media platforms and such profile looses follower and interaction when they are not easily re-callable.

6. Re-tweeting without investigation– Don’t re-tweet without investigating at the links. Spams on the social media platform are very often and such people generally spread the promotion activities, porns and virus through links and as a brand or individual profile such mistakes can ruin your branding and image.

7. Promotion all the time– Don’t promote your brand and products all the time. The ratio between promotion and regular tweets should be round about 85:15

8. Maintain Consistency– Don’t forget to be in the market after a fixed interval of time say 48 hours and stick to your timeline. Consistent presence is very important and shows your seriousness towards your brand and helps to retain the traffic and business. Whether you believe or not social media aids ranking to your website and businesses.

9. Credit All the time– Don’t expect to get credit all the time, instead try to give credits to your customers

10. Afraid of Un-following– Don’t tolerate the spammers in your list just for the followers count. Remove the spammers and auto-bots immediately.

11. Using programs for Auto-tweets– Don’t use any software or programs for auto tweets as such tweets are generally not relevant and up-to the trend.

12. Delaying the conversation– Don’t delay for the conversation with your customers at the series of @replies. Users at Twitter
expects reply within hours.

13. Shouting– When you are dealing with the brands Social media platforms becomes the platform for grievance redressal and most likely you will have to deal with the customers who are dis-satisfied and angry. Don’t ever try to over-react and shout on your customers. Just keep in mind that “Customers are always correct”.

14. Don’t use Tools to increase your followers– Never use tools or promoters who uses automated spider and tools to increase the followers. Such practices generally leads to the account suspension. So must get rid from such tools and practices.

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