Is SEO really affordable?

Search Engine Optimization is a Zero sum game, If you rank better someone else will ranks worse. The moment you are optimizing the website and looking beyond the broader pictures of returns on investment, you are not only trying to stand yourself  better than others but also beating the competition which may have prevailed and ruled the SERPs from longer period of time. The task is not easy and areas to be worked on is not small. You will not have to work on what others did but also will have to consider the aspects which have never been done, here comes the strategies- the real ideas and the real vision.

search & seo change

Reactive vs Proactive

  • Great SEO plans for the future, Google has done many large updates that hit millions of website
  • If you ride to close to the limits, then you are more likely to eventually get hit
  • Ex-post-facto issues. Things that might be considered fine today might not be considered fine many years down the road. Clean up costs can be substantial. In many cases the cost of cleaning up a penalty is far greater than the cost of starting over building from scratch.

Why SEO is Expensive.

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6 thoughts on “Is SEO really affordable?

  1. Eief

    excellent post…$$$+strategy= Online Return. This is the major challenge I faced as a sales guy. Convincing client for money is the real tough game

  2. Ernest Sliter

    I blog alot and have seen that seo only works when you have quality content all other activities are void if you lack quality fresh content, it’s radical and everlasting …

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