Standard Google Analytics Vs Google Analytics Premium

Launching of Google Analytics V5revealed some very important features for enterprise and general customers.
1. Google Analytics Premium will cost $150,000 to enterprise customers
2. Real Time functionality will be made available in V5 (This is made ailable for both general and enterprise customers)
No doubt Google has made the new analytics very attractive and customizable aiming to add more and more standard as well as enterprise customers.

google analytics vs premium

Why should you use Google Analytics Premium-

  •  If you have very large website that needs custom segmentation in broader range. This will help you in 50 custom variable slots
  •  If you need unsampled data for your own computations
  • If you are using paid tools and paying on the basis of pageviews. Say for 1 billion or more hits you can use Google Analytics with higher level of accuracy
  • Faster report generation and loading for large websites
  • SLA for data collection
–  99.9% – collection Up time
–  99% – Reporting time
–  98%- Timely data processing, within 4 hours

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