Best Internet Marketing Strategies for Online Businesses in 2013

Best SEO Strategies for Online Businesses in 2013:

2011 was the year of Panda which diminished the concept of partial or complete replication of content. The content mushroomed in the internet just to take advantage in Search Engine where penalized and their performance went down in many perspectives. Evolving internet has raised the requirement of information’s and products on the web hence have provided opportunities to many B2B and B2C firms to root up their online presence. The cheap consultancy of many Internet Marketing firms has also made their business to gloom widely on different online marketing channels.

  • The survey revealed (done between 500 B2B & B2C professional) that 57% of B2B companies got extreme benefit in their lead generation activities just by SEO
  •  55% of companies claimed to have good final conversion through Social Media  activities



The most influential are listed below on the hierarchy of their effectiveness.

1. Content Creation
2. Keywords & Key-phrases researches
3. Title Tags
4. External Link Building
5. Meta Description tags & URL Structures
6. Social Media Optimizations & Digital Assets Optimizations
7. Blogging

Social Media has no doubt entered into the 2012 with revolutionary approach and going to reshape the online advertisement by the end of 2012. Success in online popularity elicits the need for link popularity activities. This is the practice that have evolved to much broader concept; starting from the traditional approach, its value is widely recognized but with the passage of time the practical approach to build on this asset have evolved.

Basics definitions and terms are same but their practical approaches have changed. The days are gone when companies were hiring content writers/ freelancers and asking them to write 350-400 words of keyword rich articles.  The search engines have evolved to a extent where it determines the page theme on the basis of descriptions of entity followed by the videos and images that are narrating and supporting the actual content flow.

6 thoughts on “Best Internet Marketing Strategies for Online Businesses in 2013

  1. carl henn

    Thanks for sharing, content creation in year 2012 will be more effective when encouraging user-generated content, strategy for keyword density with customer centric approach will boom the industry

  2. OnTheNet

    For us internet marketing is content creation, we provide rankings to all our clients just by content and article distribution. can you please help us to make our strategy more efficient, as from last 8 momths efforts have increased and results went down

  3. Jhacky Torreon

    Say thanks a lot for your efforts to have decided to put these things together on this blog. Excellent. Wonderful. What is interesting here is not just info, but style of presentation of information. Really Great.You has explained the matter and most importantly, you really have mastered the art of article publishing. Thank you.

  4. Ronnie Crampe

    Correct social media will change the online marketing on 2012, growth of Google plus and Pinterest is the best suited example.
    goodeffort thanks

  5. mery moselle

    Keyword research and putting down the keywords with proper proximity works for me, creating links through research with the trend of similar websites and asking for the link helps a lot, this is the best practice which is described effectively on the seomoz of "whiteboard friday" section

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