Visibility Score: Search Effectiveness Metrics

The degree of numerical values illustrating the effectiveness tracking e of your SEO effort is generally quite tough. Most of the times SEO companies and search professionals works to increase the traffic and on the other hand they may also work to increase the traffic. And at the end of month you will be getting jumbled reports of  PRs, Keyword Rankings and sometime Traffic Radar. If you are wondering that instead of so much efforts you are not getting your required results like increased sign-ups, Queries, Product Download/Purchase etc then you must cross check the reports and analyze with the direction of your SEO efforts.

seo visibility score

At this point of time you need to understand and know the visibility score of your website and check the effectiveness of your landing pages.What happens when you target a particular niche on Internet? you automatically get benefit in certain long tail phrases and keywords and you also get traffic and conversions from Search Niche. At this point of time you need to understand and be aware of all such long-tail keywords.

To support this and to provide grasp on this Internet Marketing variations Google offers a free Websmaster Tool account, you simply need to add your website on this tool and within few days this tool will start gathering the informations about all the keyword wise impressions, percentage change in their impressions. CTRs, Average Positions etc

This data of Google Webmaster Tool will provide a complete insight about your website performance on Google.

Now you have to generate your visibility score, to properly identify where you actually stand. Simultaneously you should also compute the visibility score of your competitors also to properly analyze the level you stand.

How to Calculate Visibility Score:

On the basis of the keyword that holds the ranking in major search engine you will have to provide a numerical value to each of your keyword rankings.

Search Engine Positions below 30= 0 Points
Search Engine Positions at 20= 10 Points
Search Engine Positions at 10= 20 Points
Search Engine Positions at 1= 30 Points

Visibility score is the percentage of the sum of ranking values that Search Engine assigns to particular keyword ranks upon 30

i.e. for 3 search engines the points will be 3*30=90

Above I have explained the process of visibility score computation in Search Engine Along-with the Search Engine visibility you will have to also analyze the visibility score of Social Media Platforms. This is highly practiced when you are dealing with a Brand. I shall be covering this formula in my next posts.

5 thoughts on “Visibility Score: Search Effectiveness Metrics

  1. AG

    In the world of Google the visibility score calculation on Google will only work. Rest are so small that they cannot spice up the business unless and until you are on the paid platform

  2. OnTheNet

    The stats of webmaster tools are not always accurate, I have done many research with it's data but the manual results have the variation of more than 60% some time 90%.
    Although you can have a idea on a certain levels of performance, however the thoughts on score calculation is awesome……

  3. brrokrichard

    Agree…. most of the small SEO firms specially in India, delivers report that shows growth in Figure but subsequent no growth in Business

  4. Anonymous

    This is not other than practice of reporting tactics, agencies should work on converting keywords rather than just providing SEM,…goodluck

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