Google Analytics Advance Asynchronous Data tracking

Google Analytics Team recently launched its Advance Asynchronous data tracking system embedded in asynchronous tracking tag. With the help of this system webmasters can track their new website with much faster speed.
You don’t have to worry about about the complexity of the domain in terms of multiple domain tracking, Top Level Domain Tracking, or Single Domain Tracking. There you can find the interface to get your code according to your specifications.

Google Analytics Advanced Asynchronous Data Capturing Code

This advanced version of code provides much more advanced and improved tracking facilities and reduces the load time of the website in any browser, hence making the website faster to load. This is the step to help webmaster to make the website compatible with coming caffeine update.
Google has also eliminated the issues of data discrepancy which was reflecting in the account due to partial page & code snippet load resulting in the much better data collection & data accuracy.

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