Website Analysis for Improved ROI

You cannot improve one thing by 1,000% but you can improve 1,000 little things by 1%.- Carlzon
You have a website with of traffic per month and your ROI is outstanding and meanwhile you noticed that 40% of the visitors are puking the website. Imagine the $$$ you get when the bounce rate is only 10 or 20%. The steps to overcome the bounce rate is already discussed. Here lets see how you will examine the traffic and check for the improvement of various landing pages. No doubt you are getting the visitors from different sources Adwords, paid marketing, Google, Yahoo Organic Searches, Email Marketing and other referrals but what is your outlook towards such traffic is important at the moment. You have thousands of fundamental strategies to engage your customer. Explore the Analytics tool for better grasp on.

Go to your Google Analytics> Content> Entrance Path and check for the top major pages from where users are landing to your web-pages through different sources i.e. Organic Search, Paid Search or EMail Marketing and find the pages from your visitors are puking off. Find out all the possible reasons that resulted in the bounce rate.
You can take the help of Google Webmaster Tool to judge whether your website is ranking from the undesired keywords and optimize the website by examining the various bounce rate factors.

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    Extraordinary posting! We are just starting out in social networking and attempting to learn how to best take advantage of social networking for our shop.

    Thanks for the information!

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