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Google Analytics provide large volume of data for analysis and navigating through all these data and reports are very cumbersome, and until and unless you have expertise in data mining you cannot find the right data for your business analysis. Digital Marketing for online businesses are almost same but strategies may vary with the change of themes; As far as KPIs for business are concerned the data for Web Analtytics are almost common and you cannot to ignore these data. One of such report is Bounce Rate reporting and this is the most sexiest report in Google Analytics and this can not only provide the insight on your content but this can also help us to find the loopholes of your businesses and websites.As the name resembles itself this data represents the number of visitors who are directly leaving your website from the entrance page. More the bounce rate, more lies the opportunities for improvements.

Analytics Bounce Rate: Internet Marketing Consultant





And what happened to the costs and marketing when visitor come and left the website. Advertisers spend on direct marketing, Adwords, SEO and Affiliate but the visitor is no longer making any transaction and getting away from the entry page Or the conversion rate is only 1%. And if you are dealing with the E-commerce website your most of the conversion will move around 1-2%. This is what the most prevailing and challenging figure for most of the advertisers on the internet.Research probably says that website has the bounce rate of 40-60%. Your website bounce rate is great qualifying factor to arise questions. If you have website measure bounce rate for your entry pages, if you are running Adwords or campaign then measure bounce rate for your landing pages. It is the quick qualifying metric to identify wrong on your pages, either you are targeting the wrong keyword or landing page has user distracting look and navigation.
Along with this you can also check from where visitor are dropping off from your conversion path through the funnel setting.


Why there is a bounce rate ?

I have made a good website and I have placed the fresh content but visitor are not getting in depth to the website and leaving the web-page immediately. You need to analyze the user trend first. You have to understand the users interest first. Let’s discuss on the issues that results on maximum bounce rate-

  • You are targeting the wrong keyword
  • Visitors didn’t find the level of content they are looking for
  • Visitors are not able to navigate
  • The distraction at the UI level
  • Pages with critical errors
  • Browser compatibility
  • Your product pricing, specifications and services
  • Lack of Title, Heading and Contents
  • Out-bond Links
  • Web-Page load time

Primary Steps to overcome Bounce Rate

Keep your eyes on the “Time on Site” and evaluate your webpage on the basis of average bounce rate. Some time testing so called multivariate testing is a useful mean to do so. Let’s explore some of the basis to overcome this problem-

  • Make sure to rank with the proper keyword.
  • Choose your keywords wisely
  • Create hierarchy on the content flow. Like- headers and sub-headers
  • Make sure your volume of content is good enough to identify your website business, goal and requirement i.e. satisfaction judgment
  • Create a section like “Relevant Topics”, “Visitors also Read”, “Users that liked this page also like” ans so on..
  • Create breadcrumbs
  • Keep the user friendly navigation, think from a end user perspective
  • Make sure that your webpage should not have any error.
  • Examine the load time for your webpage, try to keep this minimum.
  • Avoid external links

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