Changing SEO Trend & SEO Challenges

What is the challenge of an SEO? Just provude users what they’re looking through, forgive the repetition, the search engine. This is who interprets the content of each site, and what qualifies as Seeks to the search results pages.

The detail is to know on what basis Google to determine which pages to list at the top?(varios aspect known and few unkown). The factor that determines which result is better than another is its ALGORITHM:
Some of the issues underlying this very famous and named algorithm are:

– — Type of Content
– — Meta Tags
– — Quality Level (Quality Score)
– — Titles in Pictures
– — Quality of the links
— Website Structure
— URL Parameters
— Header definitions (h1, h2, h3)
— Number of pages with useful information
— Size and website load down

At present there is a greater number of consumers and users are increasing day by day, hence greater amount of search volume, reflecting increased competition and tougher target.
The work of SEO involves conducting a standard work, but the algorithm is constantly changing, competition copy the same steps from each other, hampering the differentiation that we must achieve.

What should be done then? Through the creation of a proper marketing plan, which should know:

– — The value of the proposal: what if it has the potential to reach what we want, if our objectives can be met and generate ROI.

– — those who are, as they know the company, how they came to her.

– — Knowing the competition: to know what actions carried out, how is pursuing its strategy.

– — Through the actions of both online and offline. We need to create brand presence to be known and remembered.

What we must do web sites are easily accessible to search engines while retaining the structure of the mark.
The marketing plan should be targeted to achieve traffic to the site. A site that is not known, soon will be profitable and not attract customers.
The current trend is to include in our marketing plan participation in social networks.The strategy of linking these networks, or what is called Social Media Optimization (SMO), which manages the site is known in many places at once and generate the traffic needed to meet the goals.

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